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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 4, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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we have areas of light rainfall around petaluma and nef vatto i should say areas of moisture there. this is clearly a map of moisture moving through that area. what appears to be actually hitting the ground is this area of moderate to heavy rainfall. another spot just south of winsor this, is along highway 101, farther west. we have rain along highway 116 here, these are the rainfall totals for last 24 hours, most locations have measured no rainfall. 2/100ths in santa rosa. here is the animation starting at 5:00 in the morning. it will be wet in spots but not all areas will be getting rainfall at that hour. we'll see a path of showers moving through central part of the bay area, we'll see it spreading and a wetter day than today but we're not
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expecting drenching down pours, we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast later. >> thank you very much. crews spent the day cleaning up mudslides around the bay area. from small county roads to major freeway off ramps this is as concern grows over more problems now that the ground is so sat rated and more rain wayne? >> this saturation is a key word. this is like the rain gauge of the bay area. what you're looking at here is as it turns out, the ground is saturated. maybe you knew that. it surprised us with how early. 28th of november, two weeks before it usually become that's way. two more weeks for the possibility. signs of saturated ground aroundérvñ
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on interstate 80 and highway 29, a small surprise landslide turned an after ramp into an empty strip. thank goodness for caltrans doing the clean up. in a sleepy section, no such help. two days after the small creek=ñ overflowed banks residents are still digging outs. >> came over this side, that side. got to my neighbor as well. got across the road. >> rory has been workinge.o since, six inches of mud covered his lawn and filled his pool. four inches of water ruined two noors. it may have to join this stuff in route to the dump because of ground saturated early this year, too early leaving time for this disaster to possibly man yi test. >> it's not winter. you're dealing with this?
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>> right. >> sun is out. water in that creek does feed into the creek which you're looking at here. which leads to the next question. if the ground has become saturated, how early. it was norm. according to one expert, just barely. wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. crews are racing to fix a problem from the last series of storms. heavy rain eroding a huge chunk of roadway. the road not just ahead for@x3tz residents. there is a popular short cut in high one in the other. >> we had a slide out. a little down the road here about six years ago. it took many months to get the road open. we're -- we had to make the circuit.
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>> crews laid down 120 feet of pipe today, they've carried out a preliminary evaluation of the soil to see how soon they can rebuild the road. cruise hoping to have a lane of traffic early as tomorrow afternoon. >> traffic moving again. sky 7 overhead, caltrans trues -- crews did work today. they want to prevent slides following these storms. one way traffic control was in effect until 3:00 into the afternoon.'bmy this slowed folks down. stay with us for continuing storm watch coverage. you can trach systems coming in any time you wish. at abc 7 >> workers continue their search for a nevada couple who went missing during stormy weather. the they were headed towards
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their home in nevada and haven't been heard from, since. 44-year-old rod cliffton and his girlfriend paula lane visiting family and friends in northern california before driving home to nevada in the storm. rescue teams and volunteers joining family members searching highways in the snow for any sign of the couple or their car. >> it's been awesome to see everyone coming together. i appreciate it. >> that is a terrifying time for the family. crews are going to continue to search for the couple tomorrow off road and on foot. >> a san francisco man has been charged with kidnapping and raping an autistic 16-year-old girl. this man was arraigned today. charges range from child molestation to rape of an incompetent person. atkinson is accused ofcd abducting the girl. the girl walked away november 27thment the staff lost track
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of the girl at the fruit veil bart station. police say the man grabbed the girl took her back to his home in san francisco, and repeatedly raped her over the course of several days. >> this is by far one of the most sickening cases i've seen in my career as a police officer. someone as mr. atkinson can take advantage of someone of this statture. >> the girl escaped. she was found by a muni driver and helped police find the man they arrested. >> well, in the east bay, people living in a number of communities are worried about their safety tonight. with the measure last month, supervisors have to close as many as four fire stations. the candidates include stations in walnut creek and clayton. >> you never know what time of day or night. it could mean difference
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between five minutes and 10 minutes. for a fire, it's a larger fire. for life saving measures it could mean life or death. >> it could increase response time as you heard. county wide average time now is just over six and a half minutes. >> starting next year nudists in san francisco will have to keep clothe whonz out in public. supervisors took the second vote this afternoon. carolyn? >> the nudists are now pinning their hopes on a court hearing they hope will lead to overturning this ban. there is no discussion from the supervisors when they pass public nudity ordinance into law. deputies tried to move quickly to cover the protestors. there is a rule requiring clothes at city hall.
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when taking their off, three men, four women were tossed out. >> i am nudist butuqcdñ i prepae to have the freedom of being in the sexual revolution. >> the law will take affect in february unless a judge sides with the nudist who's say the ban violates their civil rights. there willo#z be permitted devents. but that doesn't satisfy the protestors. >> it teaches children that they should be ashamed of their bodies and adults they should ab shamed of their body autos supervisor scott weiner says his constituents were tired of seeing a group of naked guys every day. sow sponsors this citywide ordinance. >> i stand by this legislation. i'm happy to see it passed and to move on to other thing autos but that is not likely to happen right away. there is now a criminal charge against local blogger michael petrillis posting this picture
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of scott weiner in a bathroom preparing to brush his teeth. what he had tried to take was a picture of the supervisor again talls. the district attorney says that is an invasion of pry vassy.. >> the -- privacy. >> this is inappropriate. we want to make sure we send a message this is not accepted. it's just trespasses any social boundaries and the first court appearance is tomorrow and the district attorney about a letter he and the city government showing their naked protests two weeks ago. they accuse the board president of violating the b and of sensorship for calling a recess when commotion broke out that.
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led cameras ras to stop rolling. the da says protestors need to contact the ethics commission for a review. >> thank you. >> just ahead another big decision in san francisco today that will affect thousands of kids. >> find out what the muni plans to go ahead. >> a north bay man's plan to keep his oyster farm over. >> efforts
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low income children in san francisco will be soon able to ride muni for free. the decision after more than a year of debate. abc 7 news reporter was at the transportation agency board of directors meeting and joins us now to explain the pilot program. >> and the program will make muni free to children of low income san francisco families. and only working for next year but it's been a long, two year battle to get to this point. >> families have been fighting for two years for this moment. the board of directors this afternoon voted to aloe indicate $1.6 million so children of low income san francisco families can ride muni free. bypassing a 75 cent fare many can't afford. >> a lot of folks in our community go every day to
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school with fear because they don't have enough money to pay for the bus. >> the route in the city is something i use every day to get to school and volunteer it's no longer something parents could afford. >> the money comes out of a grant from the regional transportation commission. the forth $5.1 million going to maintenance but critics say the grant should have gone to upgrading muni citing the system wide outage. >> it could be used to maintain and fix broken vehicles to purchase new vehicles and to make muni more reliable. you know? a free muni bus isn't worth much if it breaks down you don't have to choose between helping youth and making this i do believe that that is a false choice.
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i think we can walk ask chew gum at the same time. >> the pilot program set to months from march of next year to july, 2014. >> this is something our board;y is agency has been in supportsive of. making public transit more accessible to youth throughout the city. >> in order to qualify, families must live within the city limits of san francisco. and they also must live 200% below poverty line.p> keira, thank you. the honer of drake's bay os sister company is fighting a decision to shut down his business. the interior secretary decided the lease with the national park service would not be renewed and the site returned to its natural state. but drake's bay owner says the
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government is misrepresenting the law. and he filed a lawsuit against the government. >> we're not going to walk away. and instead. we have incredible community support. we're fighting for the community, employees, and our family against the federal bureaucracy. >> drake's bay accounts for 40% of the state oyster production. the department issued a statement today saying the secretary made his decision after careful consideration of law and policy. the department will carefully review the complaint and any related materials that may be filed. so it goes on. >> all right. we've got to keep an eye on the next system of storms. >> arrival of rain now. >> moisture in the north bay now, spots are getting rainfall now hitting the ground. here is a live view from our eeflt bay -- sutro camera. we've got live cameras ash
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around the bay area. we have moisture and there is moisture moving way up north or off shore about to push on shore. and to give you a view of the north bay now. you can see an area of hooks like impressivexba: rainfall. moving towards novato and north. we have spots of moisture there. this is the looping image you can see that area of heavy rain inward right now. if it continues in this path, we can see readings into upper 50s and 60 degrees now. 61 will be the warm spot now. scattered showers overnight
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tonight rain in the morning giving way to showers. and becoming partly sunny skies into afternoon as well. approaching frontal system moving slowly. this is what will bring us rainfall. it's beginning to push in right now. continuing to do so overnight. start agent 7:00 this evening. we'll see more wide spread rainfall. later into evening hours we'll take a look at wide spread rain. quite a few wet spots around the bay area. locally heavy down pours are possible. by 7:00 we'll see the rain continuing south ward and eastward. by 9:00, sort of a narrower path throughout the central part of the bay area expanding south ward and eastward by late morning by 11:00 a.m. or so. then breaking up and
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redeveloping with pockets of showers light rain. then, overnight tomorrow night into thursday morning rain will end. by 5:00 thursday morning we'll look at rainfall totals up to about an inch and a half. in the wettest parts of the north bay. up to maybe half an inch. and east bay, maybe an inch and a tenth of an inch in the south bay. at laiblg tahoe this, is going to be a rain event tonight and tomorrow snow levels way up high. tomorrow, rainy becoming partly cloudy to mainly sunny thursday and friday. back to the bay area tonight, lows into mid-50s across the bay area. showers will be more wide spread. tomorrow, once getting into afternoon, we'll see showers breaking up i little bit. sun burning through. high temperatures into low or low to mid-60s. similar range. highs near monterey bay. perhaps higher there. mid-60s. here is the accu-weather forecast.
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we'll dry out, and sunny up a bit thursday. raiders day as they take on broncos thursday night football seen here on abc 7. dry conditions throughout the weekend. and into next week. so just have a couple days to after that, it's over. >> just stay that way. >> yes. >> thank you. >> this is a very cool thing that i got to do. helping judge videos created by teenagers with some powerful antibullying messages. san francisco district attorney sponsored a contest announcing winners today, the contest created to bring awareness to the problem helping children come up with responses to bullying. you can see winners right there. 58 videos received from san francisco students in middle and high school. first place video created by students that say they were so glad to have the opportunity. >> we've been through a lot over the years. we're happy we participated.
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>> they receive aid plaque, ipad mini asks a baseball signed by barry zito. >> every child had a great message in there. it was terrific to see what they can do. >> kids taking the lead, i love that. >> just ahead a perp of interest in a murder mystery. >> now, a founder final john mcafee surface
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6. silicon valley millionaire john mcafee is now in guatemala where he plans to ask for asylum. his lawyer revealed he's crossed into guatemala from belize where he's waned for questioning in the murder of his neighbor. he continues to be in contact with the media by phone and through e mail and blog posts. >> the fish and game department is carrying out a necropsy on two mountain lion cubs over the weekend. the shaefrs office responded to a report of a lion in the
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800 block of the area on friday. fish and game tried to move the cub buzz they were back on the streets the next day. at that point the wardens felt they had to shoot them out of concern for public safety. >> san jose city council voted today to allow airports staff to shoot blank and live ammunition at birds that pose a hazard to planes. the vote changes an ordinance allowing only police too discharge firearms there have been 118 reported bird strikes at san jose international airport alone. birds can cause damage when they hit planes particularly if they get into the engine. we know the example pal happened in january, 2009 when local pilot suly sullen berger landed a jet in the hudson river after hitting a flock of birds. >> we have more still to come at 6:00.
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the debate over a proposal to use drone aircraft. >> how modernizing schools and how state lawmakers want to spend money you [ male announcer ] introducing...
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groups and the american civil liberties union objecting to government use of unmanned surveillance aircraft within the united states. >> this debate has now come to alameda county. why the sheriff's department wants one of the things, and why some object. >> opponents call them drones. the sheriff zbt doesn't like that term because of the military connotation perhaps, but for this story%3ls're going to call them unmanned military vaeks. this is the -- 31,000 unmanned aerial vehicle. neat machine according to critics. >> just the cutest toy i can imagine. >> susan told the supervisors
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she's opposed to the device, aclu attorney called it a threat to privacy. >> just because we walk out, walk outdoors sometimes doesn't mean we sur ren yernd the right to make sure the government doesn't collect and stockpile personalized information about our whereabouts. >> saying an inexpensive system is different than a sheriff's department. -- helicopter because of the low cost. aclu fears afford yablt will lead to abuse. and as for low cost cameras? they're on buildings, street lights and stores and the fact that almost everyone on the street is like these. >> it doesn't mean we have to surrender our privacy rights by going out in public. >> aclu and public calling on supervisors to putoqo7 the issue
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up for debate. today, supervisor as agreed. the sheriff asked to have the purchase up for discussion at a public protection committee hearing. >> that is a meeting set for the future. and hopefully nrkt near future. >> the paper work his department filed with the count geez it could be used for information gathering the sheriff says don't interpret that too broadly. >> never intended to use this for a type of surveillance, any type of civilian use, whatsoever. >> no date yet, but you can count on a couple things one, will be a lively discussion. two, we'll be there. >> we will, thank you very much. >> we're now four weeks from that so called fiscal cliff and talks between democrats and republicans in washington have stalled. january 1 bush era tax cuts
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cuts affecting defense and social spending. house republicans offered a plan including $800 billion in revenue. the president says it's not good enough. >> we're going to have to see the rates on the top 2% go up z we're not going to be able to get a deal without it. it's not:hlj partisan. >> the plan is also not popular with some republicans. opular with some republicans. conceding that the federal government needs more money negotiating with ourselves and treating the proposal like it's serious. >> there is one area that may have found common ground. raising the age when seniors can receive some medicare. >> an eight day strike by
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shippingl2?sq)ks. both sides agreed to mediation. lines being7kuñ honored by 10,0 long shore men. the strike against 14 shipping lines is costing the u.s. economy $1 bi=es; a day in lost trade. the union jobs claims jobs being shipped overseas. the port says it's offering clerks lifetime job security. >> let's go to job security. state lawmakers deciding how to dole out money to help schools become more energy efficient. and what's happening now that prop 39 is lone. >> we want to be first in line. >> the principal is pleading his case to give the campus some of the new retro fit money. 7% of the public schools are more than 25 years old and in need of the funding badry.
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>> if we can look at energy efficiently, you're having savings year over year. and will have more money. >> more than 10,000 public schools together spent $700 million a year on energy. that is how much they spent on supplies. thanks to vote who approved proposition 39 last month, disadvantaged schools will be able to pay for energy retro fits of the proposition 39 closes a loophole that mostly benefited out of state corporations. it's a funding boost for the state. half goes to general fund. other half to energy needs of schools. >> that old putty around the windows. >> or single paned window
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autos kids go from classroom to classroom, they exkbreerns the same situation. so after three, four hours, it's hard to focus. >> lawmakers just introduced measures to get project moneys out of the door by next summer. retro fitting is expected to cut costs at least 30%. >> so we want give new clean energy technologies and bring our schools modern and up to the 21 century. >> when it is done, the full billion dollars goes to the state general fund. >> and tonight a down day across the board on financial markets. dow dropped 13 points. nasdaq lost five and two points respectively. los gatos based net flix as secured rights to disney studio films starting in 2016.z2 no terms were announced.
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shears of the stock jumped 14% about the news. disney is the parent company of abc 7. a day of mixed reports from pandora. first it reported it's net profit tripled but it also predicted a loss in the fourth quarter. that sent stocks tumbling. >> hundreds of people signed up for jobs in a fare co-sponsored by abc 7 today. recruiters looking to fill p event the highest regency in santa clara. california army national guard, new york life insurance and as well as sleep train. two new south bay residents were at the front of the line. >> here because i just got married a few months ago. me, my husband just moved here, he's a pastor. i need to start working.
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so i am determined to get a job. >> i'm here after we move add cross the country with three kids. >> next event january 30th at hilton garden inn. >> still to come at 6:00 new mobile app could make your search for parking easier. >> it's just in time for holiday shopping, too. it's a story only on abc 7 news. back
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starting today finding a parking spot will be easier if you down load a new free smart phone app. >> nice to hear. we have more on how some cities are teeming up now with tech companies to make life easier for drivers. >> it's lunchtime in downtown. drivers inching alorngs bumper to bumper, searching for (÷ >> ucla didqá6ñ a study. people spend 15-20 minutes looking for a place to park. >> that is why they spent years detecting this little sensor. san francisco started installing this.
6:41 pm
now, san carlos partnered with the giants cisco to roll them out along with a flee free app called parker. it's not that people can't find working -- parking. >> parker acts like radar. guiding you to the plot with the most open spots. make sures say it can reduce traffic. >> making parking time to five minutes you're going to reduce the number of cars on the streets. >> officials think it's a good investment. >> it's cheaper to manage your existing parking inconvenient toreo in stalling one of the lights is simple as drilling a hole, dropping it n they're wireless like cell phones but you unlike cell phone battery life is in years. not hours. that is why cisco says this is just the beginning. they see cities becoming more liveable by putting smart sensors on pretty much every piece. >> this is all thing that's
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are connected. >> soon, building parker smart radar into cars and navigation system autos once getting to the destination you can't leave your car in the middle of the street so. we're hoping to help with that. >> parking nearby. >> just head here it's epicenter for advances in surgery. >> inmwñ
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a new surgery is going to new lengths to share that technology. abc 7 news has the story. >> if you wandered into this room, you might think they're
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taping an episode of gray's anat my but this is the real thing. the hospital in mountain view has become epicentsm5 is. >> we can take smaller grafts and then, put a larger graft through the aorta to see off the aneurysm and preserve flow to organs.
6:47 pm
>> every move recorded by cameras. images being transmitted to las vegas. a group of surgeons attending a maked meeting called viva. >> you can switch. >>uhyq it's interactive. surgeons can relay questions to a panel in contact with doctors. one doctor attended the meetings since they were first launched a decade ago saying it's bringing together doctors from multiple disciplines including traditional surgeons who haven't necessarily been advocates. >> 10 years ago there was a turf division between operators field is now becoming much easier to work within. >> dr. joy says the model is designed to provide realtime information so detailed surgeons can evaluate whether a given procedure can work in
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their practice. >> no matter what the question is, or fine details, the indications for procedure are no questions too dumb, too smart. they get realtime answers. >> he says that model has now popular teaching he of its kind in the country. >> that is incredible. doctors performed nearly 39 of the procedures viewed by nearly 1500 surgeon as cross the country. >> another storm system is on the way. >> spencer is monitoring that one. with doppler, right sf. >> right. we're starting with live doppler 7 hd showing a huge batch of moisture appearing to contain heavy rainfall. off shore. but we have just got pock writs of activity moving on shore now. one area of rain now is reaching from novato eastward over towards american canyon. looping this, you can see with this movement looks like it's moving across the bay.
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and points eastward, so we're beginning to get waves ofe)dq rainfall in we'll see scattered showers, then rain pushes south ward and eastward, we'll see it breaking up into showers. here is the accu-weather forecast[¥z. dry day on thursday, broncos here on abc 7. dry weather continues throughout the weekend into next week. could be wet at times, tomorrow. >> spencer, thank you. >> since you brought up raiderscday thursday. >> yes. larry beil going to tell us about that. >> yes. raiders trying to turn things around facing peyton manning in just days., íc good news for silver and black is that they may have best offensive weapon back.
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good evening, raiders head coast left to be with his family, allen's father, gradey died last night. he was 66 years old playeddgmq linebacker in late 60s early
6:53 pm
70s. coach allen expected toj'w rejon raiders tomorrow night. and will be on the side lines thursday night. that is the game we'll be hearing here. raiders hope to have darren mcfadden back on thursday night. raiders lost and they need him. they're excited about the prospect of getting back their best offensive weapon. >> i can't wait to watch him. he brings a chance for marcel to get rest. and an explosive element in the game that he has unlike players in this league. >> i'm just looking forward to getting out there on the field. just keeping going. >> raiders need him. now that collin cappernick experienced a loss a lot of fans back on the alex smith band wagon.
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if david acres makes a 51 yard field goal, niners make that game. that 16-13 victory by st. louis, defensive back carlos rogers says not just quarterback play, everybody has to play better. >> it's very important. i mean we're talking about four quarters this is the last quarter. you know in, november, december, they are clicking. kind of getting going. that is what we've got to do. can't come into the playeroff with losses like this. this is everybody counting them out. we've got to follow the same path. >> fans took a beating after failing to sell out their stadium. the cardinal get this, they
6:55 pm
spilled their full lot into 31,000 tickets january 1 against wisconsin. badgers just lost their head coach to the university of arkansas. he is taking wisconsin to their third straight rose bowl. he reportedly gets a six year deal. giants have reportedly offered second baseman a three year he hit 328 in the post season. giants gm said the goal to resaneujñag angel pagon and the market for skutero just got hotter there, is interest from cardinals as well as yankees with a-rod first this, sports report brought to you by ;
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>> larry. thank you. >> raiders fans showing us their team pride moving crosser to raider's day this thursday. >> that is jt the brick on the right with members of the raider nation. >> very good. >> the day begins tomorrow with a special pregame edition at 6:30. we get going thursday with larry beil hosting a special raiders pregame show at 4:00. >> lincoln kennedy, rod blitzen will join us for that. at 5:00 the game begins live from the coliseum. once the game ends, they will return with after the game. then, as abc 7 programming, grey's anatomy, scandal, last resort and a special edition of abc 7 news at midnight. >> join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then, only at denny's lucky city to get married with a side of hash browns. then at 11:00 the city's silent eye witness.
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san francisco with a new crime fighting tool. what is this guy doing? see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. 11:00. >> that is going to do it for
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